What’s On

What’s On at The Olde Bell


   We serve Sunday Lunch from 1pm – 9pm with a choice of

                                 Roast Beef, Roast Pork or Roast Chicken

Prices range from 195B for Roast Pork to 295B for Roast Beef

   On Sunday evenings we show all the latest live sport- concentrating on English Premiership Football, Rugby Union, Formula One and AFL (Ausie Rules). We have 3 TV’s and can show a variety of Sports at the same time. Please email us for details of what’s on.


   Monday night is Irish Night at The Olde Bell. Irish music, both traditional and modern dominates of course, but we find time for music from England, Scotland,Wales and Australia too! We even manage a few tracks of  ’Schlager’ music from Holland, Germany, France and Belgium.

   To help events along, we have draught Guinness on promotion at 150B a pint and Jamesons Irish Whiskey at 70B ashot or 120B for a double


                                                     Quiz Night

 A picture round and two rounds of 20 questions make up the format and teams of 1 to 6 are invitred to join in the fun! Entry is FREE and there are prize vouchers for teh winners.


   ’70’s night: Come and relive the days when you were young and irresponsible!


                                                    Great British Comedy Night

  We show a few episodes of the Best of British Comedy starting at 7.30p.m these have included

Only Fools and Horses, Porridge, Dad’s Army, Yes Minister, Are You Being Served? and Open All Hours.


            All the latest sport from the English Premiership, Rugby Union, Aussie Rules Formula one etc. Pull up a pint and cheer on your team.


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